YSL All Hours Primer, Concealer and Foundation swatched

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First things first – yep, all these three things last and hold and then some. I mean, you can like wear a black mask on your face after you apply them, and they won’t stain it. It’s amazing, really. I love that. Me being me, if I could possibly stain my clothes or everything around, for that matter, with my foundation, I’d be sure to do it. You can bet on that 🙂 So, I was like – there’s no way these products are going to do what YSL promises. No way. Not for me. I decided to try though for two reasons. One. I love their Anti-Cernes concealer. I’ve already told you about it here  Correct me if I’m wrong – best corrector out there. Two. The super holding and lasting power promise, you know, the whole 24 hour thing, is something I really need, want and am looking for in my base, concealer and foundation.


Even if I rarely wear full on foundation 🙂 When I do though, the lasting power and no staining is what I absolutely have to have. Well, these three products definitely provide that, so I’m happy 🙂 I didn’t even expect them to be that good. Now, in foundation the glowy finish has been ruling the ball and owning the scene for a while. As long as matts on the nails and on the lips and even on the eyelids 🙂 are ever so strong and definitely a trend right now, base and tone just had to catch up with it, and it did. As a result, we get a whole bunch of matt finish foundations showing up on the market. YSL 24 Hours primer, concealer and foundation are just that. What they give you is matt finish. You know, that classic and classy base and tone finish. The initial face makeup finish, so to say  🙂 Or no makeup finish. Because your face doesn’t usually glow on its own, does it? Yeah, I know 🙂


It all starts with a primer. In fact, if you look up any kind of manuals, articles or posts about how you can make your foundation last and not smudge, it’ll say there almost for sure, that primer is essential. I’m happy to report though, that All Hours concealer and foundation by YSL works and holds and lasts even without primer. I’m serious. I tried it both ways – with the primer and without it. Anyway, this primer is called Encre de Peau All Hours Primer. According to YSL, it’s a flawless matte long-wear primer. If you come to think of it, mattifying is probably the main purpose of primers. If that’s what you are looking for in a primer, YSL has it covered. At the same time, mattifying here doesn’t go off the cliff. So, no need to be afraid to overmattify. As it generally goes with primers, there’s only one shade of it, that’s supposed to be universal.


Also, do notice, that it says on the packaging – SPF 18. I don’t generally need SPF that much, unless I’m in super hot climates. Still, it’s nice to know it’s there. And maybe, you need it 🙂 Further on, base is generally there to unify and correct imperfections, sort of, but I just never find that base does it enough for me. It’s more of a prep step than a full on makeup, that is exactly why it’s called primer 🙂 And then you are supposed to use concealer and foundation, if you want to create perfect tone. To put it simply, I think this primer does its job. Whether it helps the foundation last 24 hours – I have no way of knowing that exactly 🙂 It might. It has a makeupey scent to it. I don’t know, if it matters to you. It sure does to me. I prefer no scent or, if any, I want it to disappear fast. I’d say, that this primer falls into the second category 🙂 There’s scent, when you apply it, it’s gone soon after though.


I love the packaging. It’s lacquer. It’s black. With golden lettering. It’s sleek. It’s chic. No, really. This rectangular primer packaging is amazing. Love it. One of those things in makeup, where, to me, design alone is worth it all the way already. Now, every time I try to get a little primer out of this awesome packaging, I fail 🙂 There’s almost no way to get a little out. This primer is liquid, like many of them, so it comes right out of the bottle in a big splashy move. No matter how easy I try to go on it, the result is always the same, so, be careful, please. Especially, when you do it for the first time, you know. Give it a tiny little squeeze and see, where it all goes. If you are Ok, then you can go full on power next time around 🙂 Also, don’t get thrown off by the colour of this primer. It’s pearly white. I was surprised to see it the first time around. It’s not glowy though, it’s mattifying, really.


Next step. All Hours Concealer. It’s a liquid concealer. I’m usually not a fan of liquid concealers, as they are hard to work with. To me, it’s must easier to get on terms with creamy concealers. Still, I do remember, that it’s YSL, that I love their creamy concealer, so I try All Hours. The tube is pretty cool in a way, that you can actually see the shade in the back. It seems, it’s an easy concept, while, in fact, I think, it’s pretty clever – and not that common 🙂 The packaging is cool, not as chic as the primer packaging though. Nothing can beat it, as far as I’m concerned. It says on it – full coverage 16H wear. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s not 24 hours, it’s 16 hours. Naughty naughty, YSL 🙂 It’s fine though. 16 hours is enough to me, personally 🙂 , I don’t know about you. I guess, after 16 hours we might well fix our makeup a little, right? Especially as concealer is small, and you can carry it around with you.


Let’s talk about the scent now. There’s a little bit of a chemical whiff up front, but it goes away real quick. So, it’s like there’s almost no scent there. The brush is spongy and comfy to use. Not too big, not too small, just right. Slides over your skin easily. The cover power is pretty good. Especially as every time you dip the brush into concealer ever so much of it comes out. It’s almost like with that primer, you know 🙂 I didn’t know how to deal with it, at first. Then I got into the habit of wiping the brush against the tube neck, after I pull it out. This way I can get rid of the excess of the concealer. And if I need more, I can always dip it again and get more. Easy 🙂 It’s great, that you can layer this concealer like that and go from almost sheer veil to full on camouflage 🙂 So, don’t be afraid to experiment, this texture is the texture to do it with.


The finish you get with this concealer is matt. That’s what I’m looking for in a concealer. As much as they talk about light reflection, the best way to conceal and cover up is the good old tone with matt finish. Light reflection can only cover up like super minor imperfections and only under certain angles. While this concealer can cover it all up. Even dark circles under your eyes. If you hit the right shade, that’s really close to your skin tone, you can even skip the foundation step altogether. Think about it, this concealer lasts so long – so-o long – you can just throw it on and get going and not worry about smudging. It’s awesome, right? Speaking about the shade, I got the one that’s called 2 Ivory. In makeup language and beauty language it usually means that the shade is pretty light. I would say, it holds true here. It’s a lighter and cooler beige.


And the last step of the three 🙂 Foundation. YSL Encre de Peau All Hours Foundation. Unlike the concealer that’s 16 hour 🙂 , this is 24 hour long-wear flawless matte full coverage foundation. Oh, SPF 20 🙂 So, it lasts 24 hours, according to YSL – I haven’t really checked, because I haven’t really worn this foundation for 24 hours in a row. It does last though. Big time. And doesn’t stain your clothes or whatever else. I mean, it’s really really long lasting. Just what I’m looking for. Flawless? Yep, like any foundation with good formula it can make your skin flawless, once you apply it 🙂 YSL says it’s matte. Absolutely. The finish it provides is perfectly matt. No glow there. A-a-and full coverage. Definitely. It easily goes on your skin, not as a sheer thing, more like as a full on foundation thing. At the same time, it looks pretty natural, especially if you go light handed on it.


Speaking about it, to me, it’s important in a foundation to be able to build it, depending on the makeup, look and effect I’m trying to achieve and create. From almost sheer nude to super full cover and vampy. And no matter what you do with this foundation, you can be sure that it won’t smudge and won’t let you down. That it will stay right where you put it 🙂 For 24 hours, I guess 🙂 Oh, this foundation also has YSL signature watermelony scent to it. You know, the scent they have in their lip colour products. It’s fruity, but mostly, it’s watermelony. At least, that’s what I gather from it. As scent sensitive as I am, I can get over this scent, it’s even pleasant to me, and it doesn’t really linger on my face, it somehow seems to dissipate pretty fast. I don’t know how or why it happens, but it does. So, me feeling this scent for only a bit, it being so nice, is a pleasant bonus 🙂


Now let’s talk about that packaging, shall we? It’s not all black and all lacquer. It’s pretty cool though. Not chic, but cool. That’s the right way to describe it. That black stripe with All Hours down the middle looks modern and very YSL. I love this design. It really stands out in the looong row of foundation bottles 🙂 You get this foundation out through a pump. A little of it is enough to like make ten people up 🙂 Keep it in mind. Start with just a bit. And if you want more, you can always add and layer. The texture is good and easy to deal with. I really made friends with it. Once again, I can’t account for 24 hours, but it hasn’t let me, personally, down 🙂 The shade is lighter beige. Not as light as the concealer shade, still pretty light and pretty cool. And a touch pinkish. A touch of pink is always good in beige foundation. It becomes it. Very much so 🙂


That’s what my experiences with YSL All Hours Primer, YSL All Hours Concealer and YSL All Hours Foundation are like. All three can be relied on. Together and/or separately. I don’t know what your preferences are in base and tone world, whether you are looking for lasting power in it. If you are though, you’ve got it here. YSL has you covered. What I, for one, am looking for in base and tone is that it won’t smudge and won’t get on my hands, if I happen to touch my face during the day – or night 🙂 And that it won’t stain my clothes. I couldn’t even tell you exactly, how I get it there, but I do 🙂 Well, with this primer, concealer and base I definitely found that. I’ll enjoy wearing it without worrying about all the smudging business. What I love about it is that it’s not one product. It’s three products. That is, I can actually pick what I need at the moment and what I’m going to wear. It doesn’t have to be all three. These products are so good on their own, I can even use just one. Awesome 🙂

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