Burberry Festive holiday 2017 swatched

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The first times around Burberry did holiday makeup collections, they were so traditional, I was like almost falling asleep, in all honesty 🙂 I was thinking – yeah, yeah, I know, gold on the face, gold on the eyes, red on the nail, red on the lips. What’s new? Well, here’s what. This year Burberry did something very Burberry, finally, and I love it. I do understand, that Burberry came on the makeup market much later than, say, Chanel and Dior, and that up front they just had to do, kind of, what everyone else’s been doing for decades. To catch up, you know 🙂 I’m so happy though, they did, and now they can be themselves. The exciting selves, I might add. Where’s all the shiny gold? Where’s bright red and bright pink? There’s almost none of it in this collection. Believe it or not though, it turns out, it’s possible to be ever so festive without any of it. Here’s how.


Let’s go through this look step by step and see how exactly Burberry does it.


Face. There are so many face products here, I can tell immediately, that the accent is going to be on the tone. I mean, there are seven products in this collection, and three of them – almost a half, that is – are face products. Well, perfect skin is ground zero of any look, right? 🙂


One. Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base


The shade is called Nude Radiance № 01.


That is, the base and tone here is glowy. Or radiant. It makes sense in holiday context, I guess. The texture is nice.


The shade is a light cool glowy beige, there’s almost no pink undertone in it. It’s just a clear and a really great beige. Love it. Love the fact it’s not whitish and not sparkly 🙂


Two. A truly interesting thing. Burberry Illuminating Drops Glow Concentrate.


The shade is called Metallic Pearl № 01.


So-o, it’s concentrated radiance. Not a highlighter, huh just pure radiance? 🙂 That’s what Burberry seems to indicate, at least 🙂 Lighter than creamy in terms of texture.


These drops look whitish and silverish, instead they surprise me big time by being… light gold. Not this heavy darker gold, but light gold. Very different. Very nice. Kind of sparkly, but just a little.


Three. Burberry Silver Shimmer Illuminating Powder.


The shade is called… silver shimmer 🙂


This illuminating powder design with a bow is amazing. No question about that. Laconic, beautiful. I’m in awe. Gorgeous. The texture is silky. The powder looks silvery, at the first glance.


When I take a closer look at it though, I see golden glow in the parts around the bow 🙂 It’s mostly silvery, yes, but there is this light golden undertone there, or else, more like shimmer, and the mix of the two is breathtaking. And very very sparkly.


I mean, can you imagine the pale glowy skin tone we can create with these three face products? Wow 🙂


Moving on. Eyeshadow.


In this collection it comes in a stick 🙂 And in two shades.


One. Burberry Eye Colour Contour


The shade is called Sheer Gold № 151.


This creamy texture stick is all nice. And, yes, I know, I said, there wouldn’t be any shiny gold here. But… this is more of a counterpart of that awesome silver than anything 🙂 Here’s how…


This shade is a very light and pale gold. Glowy. Very sophisticated. Exquisite, really. So much better than all the shiny and sparkly madness that’s about to go on in the makeup world 🙂 Love it.


Two. Smoke & Sculpt Pen.


The shade is called Sheer Pearl № 150.


The fact that we can smoke and sculpt with this pen means that it can provide both washed over and precision application. Variety. Always a good thing 🙂


This shade is light silver. Light is the key word here, just like in that pale gold, the key word is really pale, not gold 🙂 Once again, this silver being so light is what makes it special. And chic 🙂 Oh, and it’s very sparkly.


These two eye shades are like holiday basics or holiday nudes. They are just so-so good.


A-and lip colour. In a pen. Shaping. Two shades.


Burberry Full Kisses. I’ve never told you about this texture before. So, I’m going to take a minute – or two – to do it right now. First and foremost, this lip colour is shaping. Up front it feels most comfortable of all shaping lip colour I’ve ever tried. But like three minutes later I can feel it start trying to do something to my lips 🙂 Shape them or whatever. Ugh. Don’t like this feeling. It’s no worse in Burberry than in all the other shaping lip colour kinds. I just don’t want lipstick or lipgloss or whatever to push my lips in any direction. I want it to make my lips feel comfy. And that’s it 🙂 The finish is real nice and pretty. And kind of hot, really. It’s full on cover with shine over it. I mean, I like this finish very much, I like all the colour and all the shine in it, I just don’t like the shaping element of it all 🙂 Off to the shades now.


One. Burberry Full Kisses.


This shade is called Deep Crimson № 567.


Reds are traditional for the holiday season. Remember, I told you – no bright reds here? Well, this red is so much more exciting than those, because it’s not as common.


Burberry says it’s crimson. Deep crimson, that is. Yeah, maybe. It’s a darker red shade. Or you could say, it’s Bordeaux, I guess. A nice version of Bordeaux without much purple. More like with some brown in it. This red shade is subdued and hot. And womanly. Ever so womanly. Due to that wet shine, among other things.


Two. Shaped & Full Lips Long Lasting Lip Colour.


This shade is called Oxblood № 549.


If you know Burberry makeup range, you do know by now, what they mean, when they say Oxblood. If you don’t, I’m going to tell you right now 🙂


Basically, oxblood is Burberry signature dark purple or – I guess, you could say – dark plum shade. They have it in different variations in their permanent range and in their limited editions at times. Oxblood is something to wear, when you want it dark, sultry and graphic in makeup department. The wet shine makes it even hotter.


I’ll tell you what – these shades are hot. How’s that for a poem? 🙂


I love this collection and the look. Here’s what I don’t understand though. Why no nail polish? Say, Burberry has Oxblood nail shade is their permanent range. Why not do a nice limited edition of it to round up the look? And, maybe, another red nail shade to go with the crimson lip colour? I don’t get it 🙂 See here, if you wanna see Burberry Oxblood nail colour and their red nail shades – and their other nail shades, for that matter 🙂 I’ve already told you about them  Burberry nail polish – all shades swatched.


This collection is a beauty. Seriously. It’s special. And so so Burberry. And not something you necessarily expect for holidays. This vampy look with a little bit of a vampire almost twist on it is Burberry signature look. The combinations of nobly pale – aristocratic almost – skin and sensually dark purple and red lips – is stunning in a way that it’s based on a very stark and a very strong contrast. Light versus dark. There’s style behind this makeup. Burberry style. It’s not quite like anything else out there. Still, it’s festive. Super festive. And splendid in its sophistication. Speaking about the festive element, it’s not immediately tied to the holiday season. So, you can wear it any time you feel you want to be and look exquisite. Don’t be afraid to go beyond cocktail dresses and evening gowns, when pairing this makeup up with outfits. I mean, those famous Burberry trench coats will go well with it too 🙂

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