Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2017 swatched

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Clarins The Essentials is a ten shade eye palette Clarins releases every holiday season. With Mineral and Plant Extracts 🙂 In 2014 this palette was plum, in 2015 it was nude Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2015 swatched , in 2016 it was lilac pink and violet, more or less Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2016 swatched. I wonder, what it’s going to be like this year 🙂 The design is not as much holiday this year, it’s more Clarins. Very true to their DNA. Flowery. Fresh for holiday season, I’d say 🙂 Cute. The thing you absolutely need to know about the texture of this eyeshadow is that it’s oh so loose. Oftentimes you need to really work it to get enough shade out of the box. Also, this shadow is very very soft. Almost too soft, to my taste. Clarins eyeshadow is always like that 🙂 Well, this year The Essentials by Clarins is blue grey. Blue eyed beauties will look divine wearing these shades. Grey eyed beauties will look stunning. And violet eyed beauties can join them easily in that, I’d say 🙂


See the flowers? 🙂


In each palette of the kind Clarins has a makeup chart with a little guidance as to how to use these ten shades. My personal motto is, actually – learn the rules and then just go for it your way 🙂


Also, there’s always a dual ended brush in The Essentials palette by Clarins.


One side is a classic eyeshadow brush. The other side is smaller, thinner, meant for precision application.


And here are our ten shades. Looking good 🙂


One. An off white shade, that would be just a base shade, more or less, if it weren’t for this really flattering satiny shine to it and the finest white silvery sparkle in it. As it is, this shade is light, yes, very much so, I wanna wear it on its own though. I mean, it’s one of those shiny or kind of shiny or glowy whites I love. They make you look well rested, even when you are not. Also, with all the tiny sparkle and reflection, it looks kind of holiday like. And it will create an interesting effect, if you top it with other shades.


Two. A matt medium grey. Doesn’t sound that interesting? Or exciting? It does though. Grey. Medium grey. Bond. James Bond… Here, let me try to get you interested. There’s something about medium grey – the key word here is medium, not too light, not too dark, but in between – where it’s ever so becoming. I don’t know why, but it looks awesome on more people you could possibly think it does. Even if your eyes aren’t grey 🙂 Not even nearly that. So, if you have this palette, do try it, it might surprise you.


Three. An amazing – no, I’m serious – amazing – light grey blue. Some people would say, it’s blue grey. I definitely see blue in it though, first and foremost. It’s satiny in texture. And here’s why I enjoy it to the moon and back. The balance of blue and grey in it is… perfect, for the lack of a better word 🙂 The proportion is so good, this grey blue wonder is elegant and will become a lot of people, even those of us, whose eyes – once again – are not blue or grey or anything like it.


Four. A satiny metallic medium to darker grey. There’s shine in it, but this shine is sophisticated, held back and not over the top. I’m loving these greys by Clarins, I’ll tell you what. They are hitting it every time they try so far. It’s so easy to slide into too light or too dark with grey colour, they don’t though 🙂 This grey is also very nice in terms of colour and intensity, you can definitely try wearing it, even if your eyes aren’t grey or blue. The shine in it is lighter than the shade itself, which makes it exquisite.


Five. If all the shades before this one I had to like rub seven times to get enough colour out of them – that’s what Clarins mostly does in eyeshadow, so if you like and wear this brand, you know it, if not, be prepared 🙂 – with this shade I almost got too much colour, because I was trying so hard. Too hard for this shade 🙂 It’s metallic silver, shiny, glowy, and it’s loaded with silver sparkle and then some. I mean, loaded. This silver is so silver, it’s decadent almost in its luxury. Now, that’s holiday 🙂 And special occasion.


Six. A darker satiny grey with some blue and with some aqua hidden in its depth, or else, reflected there. 🙂 Here’s how. It’s all due to that warm golden, kind of, sheen in it. It makes the shade womanly and noble, instead of just, well, grey 🙂 It lights it up from within, warms it up big time, like the sun it all its golden glory. This grey is like the ocean with rays of light piercing its surface and going real deep, where it’s all dark, almost black, and dancing around there. We can all try out this one. Say, do smoky eyes.


Seven. This shade surprised me quite a bit. In the palette it looks darker and bluish, like all those five shades in this half of the palette. Once I swatched it though, it proved to be, first of all, a very clear blue without green or grey or whatever mixed into it. Also, it revealed a metallic, or else, intense satiny finish, that I didn’t expect it to have, when I saw it in the palette. It might be leaning to violet just a little. There’s also tiny blue and lilac sparkle in it. Guess what, we can probably all pull it, especially as eyeliner 🙂


Eight. I wanna call this shade midnight blue. I know, that they mostly call the blues that have purple mixed into them that. To me though, midnight blue is a clear blue, only darker and deeper. Well, that’s what this shade by Clarins is. It’s intense. It has satiny finish. Also, there’s blue sparkle wrapped in it. And then it’s basically this gorgeous navy blue, maybe, with a step towards purple, but just a step. Another shade, that will probably be easy enough to wear for more people out there, who might come to like it 🙂


Nine. A dark dark and matt matt and deep deep blue 🙂 with some aquaish undertone to it and tons of blue and violet sparkle. The shade is definitely out of the common run. There’s something about it. I have to warn you though, that it will look best on people, whose eyes are blue. Grey eyes? Yeah. Violet? Yeah. Green? Maybe. Brown? Tough. Keep in mind, that this shade is sultry, and that it’s very intense. So, your makeup will look very dramatic. As for the sparkle, it doesn’t hold in place enough to lighten it up.


Ten. A dark dark and matt matt and deep deep – wait a minute, haven’t I already said that just now? 🙂 – grey. Uh! That explains it. It’s not aqua blue, it’s grey now. It’s built the same way though. Matt colour and then loads of sparkle. The sparkle is silver and blue and lilac pink. Once again, don’t forget, that this shade is dark. That’s the main thing about it. Don’t rely on the sparkle to dilute this shade, as that sparkle goes all over the place and around and just doesn’t want to stay on the eyeshadow proper 🙂


That’s The Essentials by Clarins 2017. At first glance, it looked very blue to me. Once I started looking into them, swatching them and wearing them though, I got more and more interested in those greys. Grey shades are amazing in this palette. They are the kind that can actually help you get into grey on the eyelids, if you’ve never really been into it. Who knows, maybe, it’s your new favorite 🙂 Some of the blues in the palette are exciting too, they even make me feel like – ugh, I wish my eyes were blue for me to be able to wear them. Then again, there are colour lenses in this world 🙂 Or, if you like these blues no less than me… Working and weaving them carefully into your whole look helps. Matching them to your clothes and accessories. Then it will all come together nicely. And allow me – and you, if you so desire – get it all from this palette, and not just grey, as splendid as it is here.

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