Diorouge Precious Rocks Collection Couture Rouge Dior swatched

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Do you love lipstick? I do 🙂 How about Dior lipstick? Well, holiday season is on and going, and Dior released this set for all of us who enjoy lip colour and their lip colour in particular. Collection Couture Rouge Dior. Precious Rocks is the name of their holiday makeup collection, by the way, that I’ll tell you about in a separate post. Too much to cover 🙂 For now I’m focusing on Diorouge. It’s a nice pun, by the way 🙂 I like sets of the kind, because they give me a chance to get some of my favourite shades plus try out new shades, that I might not have bought otherwise. Especially as Dior has recently revamped their Rouge Dior range, so there might be something interesting there, who knows. Also, I’m sure Dior prepared something limited edition, holiday like and special for us in terms of design. I mean, look at the name of this thing alone – Diorouge with ‘ouge’ being red. Pretty cool 🙂


As I’ve told you more than once already, studying the back of those boxes might be worth it sometimes 🙂 And I get such kicks out of makeup, I actually like doing it. So, after I do, I spot not only separate lists of ingredients for each lipstick in the set, which might be really crucial to those of us, who are allergic to anything out there… I can also see what shades we have in this set. Now, that’s interesting. Let’s see: 999 Matte, 964 Ambitious Matte, 772 Classic Matte, 962 Poison Matte, 743 Rouge Zinnia, 434 Promenade. Well, for starters more than half of the shades here – four out of six – are matt. Which might be something you like or something you don’t – you decide. It makes sense though, that so many of these shades are matt, because matt lip colour is just so super hot right now. In case you are more into classics, there are two traditional cream texture shades here for you.


Off the top of my head I know shade 999 by Dior, of course. Although I haven’t really tried its matt variation yet. It’s a red lip classic. I also know their Rouge Zinnia shade. It’s a deeper and darker cherry like red. Very nice. I like it. The rest of the shades I don’t know by names and don’t really think I’ve worn. So, I’ll be more than happy to give them a shot. It will be fun – applying, trying, wearing them. Anyway… Back to the set. The design with Dior word in gold in the middle of it all is pretty awesome. Although I can’t say I’m a big fan of this pleather finish. It’s a matter of taste, of course. Whatever you say or think about it though, you do have a nice compact pouch here, that holds six shades, according to the list in the back. It’s great. And as usual, when I look at all the makeup collections and limited editions I can feel the holidays getting closer 🙂 I’ll tell you what, it’s a nice feeling. I appreciate it.


And here we go… Hm. What’s up with one shade coming in a square regular size tube, and the other five coming in smaller roundish tubes? Another look at the back of the box. It usually helps to figure it all out 🙂 Uh-huh. 1 limited edition refillable jewel lipstick + 5 precious refills in a couture pouch. That explains it. And kind of scares me too. I mean, I like the idea of jewel lipstick. I’ll have to take a closer look at that tube design. But refillable, rechargeable stuff… I’m not a fan of that usually. For starters, I’m pretty clumsy, so refilling anything doesn’t go that easy, you know 🙂 Second of all, in all honesty, I just don’t want to spend the time. I want to grab my lipstick, apply it and get going. So, if I got six lipsticks in this set in bijou tubes, I’d be ecstatic. As it is though, I’m only ecstatic about the one. I’ll try the rest of the shades, but recharging them… nah, I don’t think so, it’s not my kind of thing 🙂


Ok now, let’s take a closer look at that jewel lipstick tube and that matt red shade. The tube is navy blue, like it always is, when it comes to Dior. The jewel or bijou part is obviously in the middle. And it’s nice, it really is. I like that it’s not all strass and shiny and stuff, it’s metal and embossed instead. Nice 🙂


The cap is red underneath it all. Love it. There’s silver CD logo on top of the cap – Dior usual 🙂 And on the bottom of the refillable case – now I understand that it is 🙂 – instead of saying 999 Matte, it says Precious Rocks by the name of this holiday collection, so that whatever shade you put in, it all makes sense.


The shade does look very much like Rouge Dior 999, only the finish is matt. Very interesting. That is, if you love this shade, you can try a new version of it 🙂


This red shade by Dior is bright, pretty much a classic, when it comes to red lip. It’s not cherry red, not a deeper red, the key element to it is its brightness. It’s red flame like.


Now let’s look at the five shades that come in smaller round tubes. Basically, they are refills for the big square jewel tube I’ve just shown you. They are really small compared to the usual size of Dior lipstick. The star on them is cute though 🙂


To twist them, you need to pull off the navy blue round bottom part.


Once you do, you’ll see the white part underneath it, that you can actually twist 🙂


I’ll tell you what, I don’t want to take the trouble to move the lipsticks around to get them in and out of that tube, but I definitely don’t want to carry this thing around with me with the white plastic bottom either. So, I can only apply these at home, I guess. Pity.


In case you’re up to the task of interchanging all those in the bijou tube though, here’s what the five shades are like.


One. 964 Ambitious Matte


This shade is all languid and all plumish. It’s a very classic plum, actually. Vampy and all. No shine, no sparkle, no glow. Just the lush plum colour.


If matt red lip looks hot, there’s an additional element of mystery about the matt plum lip. It’s sultry and elegant, yes. It’s mysterious too though, and that’s great.


Two. 772 Classic Matte


This shade name doesn’t give us much of an idea of what the shade is going to be like. Well, it turns out, it’s a cool pink beige with a lilac undertone.


The colour looks very modern and very relevant. It’s also a good matt take on a medium everyday calm and soothing pink. Whatever the occasion is, it will work.


Three. 962 Poision Matte


Poison is an iconic name for Dior. Their Poison perfume is legendary. This Poison lipstick has some of the perfume character in it. It’s purple.


It’s very different from plum Ambitious Matte though. It’s not plum. There’s almost no pink in it. Just purple, cool purple. And then it’s matt. Very edgy, very artsy, very Dior.


Before we move on and see two more shades, I’ve got to remind you that they are cream, not matt. So, let’s talk matt lipstick texture here for a second, shall we. I’ve already told you, how there’s always dryness in matt lip colour formulae. Or so it seems to me 🙂  Well, Dior Matte formula isn’t bad. It feels soft enough and cushiony enough. After a little while though the dryness starts coming through. It’s there, on the bottom of it all, as usual 🙂 I’ve already told you about my experiences with matt lip colour here Matt lip colour: the catches. So, to me, the dilemma is as follows as usual: should I wear lip balm underneath Rouge Dior Matte for it to feel better on the lips or wear it as is to keep its matt finish to the full, because lip balm dilutes the matt finish, generally speaking. Ugh. I just can’t have it all, when it comes to matt lipstick. And it’s a drag. Because I do want it all. A nice feel and a striking dramatic look that we all love matt lip colour products for. Ugh. And ugh again.


Well, the two shades left to discuss are cream texture, so they have none of that 🙂 They feel pretty comfy on the lips and have that traditional satin like shine to them.


One. 743 Rouge Zinnia


More red lip. Only this red lip is all sultry, cherry like. And has a creamy shine, or else, gleam about it. I know and like Rouge Zinnia shade by Dior.


I’m not so sure about Zinnia though. I thought this flower, when it’s red, is brighter and lighter, then again, there are so many kinds, maybe, there’s a shade like this one too 🙂


Two. 434 Promenade


Promenade is a pleasant thing. This promenade by Dior is a pleasant shade. It’s beige. A pretty clear beige. You know, how beige always has something mixed into it.


Well, this beige doesn’t. It’s medium and cool. And if there’s a pink or lilac glimpse about it now and again, it’s more on the undertone level than anything.


Let’s take a look at all the six shades side by side. Left to right here I have: 999 Matte, 964 Ambitious Matte, 772 Classic Matte, 962 Poision Matte, 743 Rouge Zinnia, 434 Promenade.


That’s Diorouge Precious Rocks Collection Couture. I like the design and the boxing and all. The bijou or jewel tube is nice. The star on the smaller tubes is cute. The shades in this set are a good batch – some are more of a classic, others are on the artsy side of things, some are darker, others are lighter, so there’s a chance we’ll all find something to our liking here. Now, I’m not all the way on friendly terms with this matt texture. I so wish it weren’t drying my lips. Maybe, you won’t have this issue though, who knows. Also, the whole refilling the tube thing doesn’t work that well for me. I don’t want to have to move shades around and pull them out of the tube and get them back in there. Once again though, it might be just me. Still, Diorouge Precious Rocks Collection Couture is an awesome way to give Dior Rouge shades a major test run and find the ones you like or to stack up on some of your favourite lip colours by this brand.


P.S. I have pics of me wearing each and every one of these shades on my Instagram. If you are interested, click away https://www.instagram.com/veilfairy/

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