MAC Justine Skye iridescent pressed powder swatched

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This collaboration between MAC and American singer, songwriter, actress and model Justine Skye starts with… design. Look, no, I mean, behold…


I’ll tell you what, they had me at this boxing. Now that it’s getting closer to holiday season, it’s getting even more relevant.


Fairytale is all I can think of looking at this box. I so wish the case itself were decorated somehow too. It’s black and MAC like and laconic instead.


Even though MAC calls it powder, I’d say it’s a highlighter. I mean, how many of us wear something lilac all over, when it comes to base and tone? 🙂


Also, iridescent powder just sounds like a highlighting thing to me. Iridescent tone and base all over my face? I don’t think so 🙂


Other than the boxing and design here’s what I love. The shade. The shade is awesome. Special. Iridescent. Yes, definitely so.


It easily goes from cool lilac to warmer plum to a beige fluffy cloud. There’s lilac sparkle in it. Not too much though.


Iridescent is just the right word for it. It’s not really pearly, not sparkly either, really, it’s more like iridescent with a satin sheen.


You know what’s great about this shade? It will work with your skin tone. Adjust to it. Blend into it. Merge with it. Become one with it.


And… unlike those light lilac highlighter shades, that one should be careful with, this shade is super becoming and universal.


Instagram has been raving about iridescent highlighters for a while. You know that, right? Well, the truth is, there’s something about them 🙂


If nothing else, they are fun. They are versatile. They give you all the choice and all the options in the world. So, get at it.


It terms of quality, texture and performance, this powder is all professional and matter-of-fact like all MAC products. No trimmings 🙂


Honestly though, to me, this design and the shade speak for themselves. Once I see it, I know I love it and know why. Now see if you do 🙂

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