YSL Couture Palette Black Opium Pure Illusion and Wild Illusion swatched

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These two palettes were released to support YSL Black Opium Pure Illusion perfume limited edition launch. The design of these palettes kind of matches the limited edition design of Black Opium. It’s edgy and YSL like. At first glance, the shades in the eyeshadow palettes are pink, grey and violet. An exciting and imagination stirring combo, as far as I’m concerned 🙂 I mean, grey and pink are a good match – in clothes, in interior design, in makeup, we know that much. When you throw in violet though, it’s just the right zest that makes things special, makes looks special and helps to create your own style. A little rock’n’roll, probably. But that’s what YSL is all about, right? 🙂 Then again, such glam rock looks are also a good party – going out – night club options, even if that’s not something you do in makeup department in your everyday life. Although, who knows, you might come to love them and wear these shades more often than you’d think seeing them for the first time, you know. I’m telling you, there’s something about them. Ready? Let’s get going 🙂


YSL Couture Palette


Pure Illusion Edition




This design is impressive, no question about it. Greenish grey, avant garde and very close to what Black Opium Pure Illusion perfume limited edition bottle design is. Only the bottle is more like grey pink 🙂 What I really like about it, is that the shades in this palette are impressive too 🙂


Before we get to the shade breakdown though, let me quickly tell you about the brushes.


A dual ended sponge, one side is a classic eyeshadow sponge, the other side is a thinner precise application eyeshadow sponge.


Eyeshadow brushy brush.


Back to the shades now. There are five.


Tender matt beige lilac


Sparkly and shiny white. Very flattering.


Matt dark grey – not really charcoal – with silver sparkle. Surprisingly, the sparkle seems to stay on the shade, which is very rare, when it comes to this texture. Almost impossible, in fact 🙂


Satiny bright warm pink. Absolutely love it. Believe it or not, I find this shade very becoming.


Satiny lilac beige. An amazing shade. Will look good on most of us.


That’s the palette, and I want to start applying these shades and wearing them RIGHT NOW. They are just so awesome 🙂 Also, I can’t wait to see the second palette.


YSL Couture Palette


Wild Illusion Edition




Wow. This design is pink and black and snaky and stuff. Cool and edgy and relevant and bold. Intense. There’s energy in it.


The brushes are the same as in the other palette.


And the shades are…


Satiny medium cool pink. A great shade. Not as artsy as that warm pink, so more people can pull it.


Sparkly and shiny light silver


Matt midnight blue with purple undertone and just a handful of silver and pink sparkle. A beautiful shade, not an easy one to pull though.


Darker metallic silver. Incredible. Decadent almost in its beauty. Those two silver shades looked pretty close in the packaging, so I was – what’s the point? Well, guess what, there is a point. They are totally different. And equally gorgeous.


Matt midnight purple with a blue undertone and a lot of pink and lilac sparkle.


That’s the palette, and it’s like a grey purple cloud with pink lightning. It’s so YSL, it has its spirit in it. And these shades, man… they are made to stand out. At the same time, they are just so chic.


These two eyeshadow palettes by YSL – Pure Illusion and Wild Illusion – are fantastic. They are anything but usual, tuned to go well with almost any eye colour and complexion, and they definitely have the wow element to them that’s truly couture. They are more than artsy clubby palettes. They can help you create, say, very special smoky eyes look that you will own, really own, because it won’t be just black, you know. These palettes have personality, and if your personality can get on good enough terms with them, the result will be splendid. I’ve already told you how I love pinks in eye colour. They aren’t too common, but they are good. Also, violets on the lids are elegant and mysterious in the best possible way. And sparkly and medium greys can help you easily round up your makeup and create a smooth transition from violets to pinks and back. All in all, it’s like these shades are calling for creativity, experiment and inspiration. To put it simply, these aren’t just eyeshadow palettes. It’s fashion encased in two little designer pattern boxes.

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