Lunar New Year editions 2018 swatched

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I’d like to quickly look back here at the two super pretty Lunar New Year editions from this year. Both are powder. One is by Givenchy, the other one is by Armani. Both are amazing. Sounds good? 🙂


Check out this Givenchy Prisme Libre limited edition. This red and gold design is just… I mean, look at these flowers. Just look at them. Right?


Armani highlighting palette design is also red and gold, but it’s more held back. So, should you be into elegance, strictly speaking, yes, strictly, it’s probably more up your alley.


Inside the boxes we have this. Pretty much, what I said above holds true. Givenchy design is more opulent with those flowers against the red background.


While Armani design is simple and clear with one single hieroglyph in gold blazing in the middle of a sleek red round box.


When I open the two though, the roles kind of swap, really. Givenchy kept it simple and true to its permanent range design.


While Armani has this adorable dog etched on their powder. If Givenchy got me at the boxing design stage, Armani definitely got me here… at the doggie.


On we go and look at the swatches. You might have guessed already, that Givenchy is pretty fair. Very fair, in fact. Say, it’s too fair for me, more of an accent thing, really.


While Armani is this kind of warmer, without being too warm, stunning light beige with a light golden glow thing going on in its very core. I LOVE this highlighting powder shade.  I really do. It’s delicate, beautiful, elegant and everything nice there is out there. It’s a great highlighter starter. You can’t miss with it. And the texture is super soft and lush.


To round it up, we have two great face products here. Givenchy design is a show stopper. It’s loose powder. And it’s a very light shade. Armani design is not as all out there as Givenchy, still beautiful. And the doggie is just almost too cute. Armani shade is just the right highlighter shade, where it will light up your skin from within and help your natural glow without going overboard with it. In fact, the shade is so great, you can use it all over. Sophisticated. Enjoy 🙂

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