About the blog

What is a beauty blog? A blog about beauty. What is beauty? A pretty face, shapely body, exquisite makeup, elegant clothes, high heels, expensive perfume, elaborate jewellery, luxury brand handbags, trendy hair style, salon manicure, long eye lashes, straight back, good posture, sexy attitude, sensual look, all these things matched up well and becoming this one particular woman? Yes, that’s part of it, it might contribute to beauty, but it’s not that simple. Beauty is something subtle, elusive, evasive, ephemeral, it’s different, so different, it comes in so many shapes and forms. It’s changing, transforming, floating, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Now that’s a scary thought :-), how are we supposed to know what each beholder is thinking at each given point?? And how a blogger can grasp it and dwell on it and picture it and capture it, if that’s what it’s like? Beauty is a huge thing, but also intimate, because it comes from within, that’s why it’s so different. It’s as different as people are themselves. It’s not just looks, it’s heart and soul and intellect and sense of humour. That is, that’s what it is, in my opinion. So, here in this blog I’m going to talk mainly about something I, personally, love, about something that’s definitely part of beauty, that is, I’m going to talk about makeup.


About makeup… and myself

I do love makeup, but as any relationship, my relationship with makeup is not that simple at all (like beauty :-)), it’s passionate, it’s hot, it’s emotional. I’m crazy about makeup, I get tired of makeup, I dump some certain makeup products, I get back to them, then dump them again, some makeup products just don’t love me, although I love them a lot, but my love is unrequited, they don’t work on me at all, they don’t work on me the way they are supposed to work and do work on other people, they don’t work the way I want them to work, and then we have to break up, and sometimes it hurts. It’s a love affair with all its attributes. It hasn’t always been like that. I haven’t really used makeup till my second year in college, didn’t have an urge for it, so my parents were spared all the usual early teenage daughter kind of problems, when girls start making up too early, don’t know how to do it, overuse it, etc. And I didn’t come to love makeup as much as I do now right away. First I kind of liked it. It was nice enough, I was nearly indifferent to it. And then in three-four years it struck me all of a sudden, and that was it, it wasn’t love at first sight, but it was no less passionate. What I like most about makeup, is that it gives me variety. I can be so different, every day, any time I want. This means a lot to me, it doesn’t let me get bored. It’s my kind of thing, it’s great, love it.


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