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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Makeupandmyself,

    On your last post about Dior summer make-up collection, there is is no photos of the products no swatchs. I ask you why. I love to read your blog and see your swatchs, it is always very entertaining for me. Also, i want to know if you will
    write a review about the Giorgio Armani spring summer make-up collection 2016.

    Thank you,



    • Hi, Josee) Thank you ever so much. I’m glad you find my posts entertaining. That’s a very big compliment and is very pleasant for me to hear. It warms my heart)) The post about Dior summer collection is coming up in the next couple of hours. It proved to be so big – because their collection is huge, the biggest of all luxury brands summer collections – that I’m still working on putting this post together. You’ll be able to see it very very soon. Now, if you mean you want to see Giorgio Armani Sepia collection for summer 2016, then, yes, I have it, and I’m going to write about it very soon. Also, I have D&G summer collection, NARS summer collection, Bobbi Brown summer collection and Dior cruise collection all ready to go, I’m working on those, and they are all coming up pretty soon 🙂


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