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Baby doll manicure

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I know, I know, it’s Halloween, so, my post is supposed to be super spooky. Well, it’s not going to be. Sorry 🙂 First of all, there’s enough Halloween around us, right? I mean, yes, we’re going to have fun, dress up, party… And if you’re looking for sinister makeup and manicure ideas, please, read my post called Halloween manicure and makeup for inspiration. I feel like going the opposite way with my post today. […]

2 super tender nail polish shades for summer

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Summer is the season when we traditionally get releases of all kind of bright shades in make up collections by luxury brands, this is especially true for lip and nail colour. Almost every summer we see vibrant pinks, fuchsia and even artsy nail shades like turquoise and greens. Summer is so colourful in itself, it’s vacation season, out in the country season, beach season, and all those bright shades just seem to go so well […]