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Rouge Louboutin and Loubi Under Red nail polish swatched

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After my very first encounter with Louboutin nail polish, which frankly, was not a good experience at all (you can read about it here, if you’d like Louboutin nail polish Salonu and True Blue), it took with me a while to try again. But here I am trying. I just can’t get over my curiosity for this relatively new luxury nail colour range on the market. I just can’t help loving nail polish and new things in […]

Louboutin nail polish Salonu and True Blue

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Louboutin decided to try and step into make up market. Their addition to their famous shoes is a new nail polish range. The colour palette is pretty wide. They have dark shades, nudes and bright colors. There’s everything from reds to beiges and to some artsy shades like yellow. Let’s take a look and see what it’s all about.   The look. Wow. And wow again. And again. Louboutin designers obviously know what they are […]